Podverse 3.0 is now live on iOS and Android 🎉

This update includes a major UI redesign, and full support for the <podcast:chapters> feature.

Check out the link below for a demo of the chapters feature. Any questions or feedback would be appreciated!


This update also includes support for password protected RSS feeds. Here's a video demo of the feature using a premium RSS feed for The Higherside Chats.


Podverse 3.0 is not yet live on F-Droid, but a PR for the build is ready for the F-Droid developers to review and publish, so if all goes well I'd guess it will go live on F-Droid within a couple weeks.

Link to the PR: gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/-


Thank you to the ~10 people from the Podcast Index community who helped us with Beta testing the iOS and Android builds 🙏 you were enormously helpful with identifying bugs and areas of improvement.

If anyone else would be interested in joining our Beta testing program, please let me know here or email contact@podverse.fm and we can get you setup to receive the pre-released versions of the app.

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@mitch add me to the iOS list because...you know I'm breaking shit (dwelch AT phoneboy DOT com)

@phoneboy haha you are one of the GOATs. Thanks again for your help! I just added you to the iOS Beta tester list. You should receive an email. Have you used TestFlight before?

Also, the build on TestFlight is currently the same as the App Store. We could have a new build up on TestFlight as soon as tomorrow night though to fix:

1) Scrolling rapidly down a list causes it to spaz out and load many duplicate entries.

2) The scrolling marquee accelerates way too fast for clips with long titles.

@amugofjava awesome, thank you Ben! Can you DM me your email address? I can add you to our Google Play Beta testers group.

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