What’s the easiest way for someone to get a Bitcoin lightning wallet these days?

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@adam so if we want to set someone up to boost in Podverse, we could tell them “create a wallet using Breez, then add your wallet’s public and private keys into Podverse”? Or do they need a lightning node to do that?

Sorry I should know this stuff by now, but we’ve been up to our ears in other work. Planning to make boosting and transcripts our priority for April.

@mitch I don't think that will work. However, Breez has released all the code to spin up a wallet to bake into your app.Which would give you the benefit of their backend to manage everything. Otherwise the LNPay route is the way to go and works well!

@mitch @adam It would be nice if there was someone who knew what they were doing with all of this and was good at writing tutorials and had the time to write a tutorial, because I'll be at the point where I'll want to start looking into adding the ability to stream Sats, but it's all very overwhelming with where to start and how to implement it so it's easy for the app user to use.

Maybe someone's already done that, and we just need a link to the docs/tutorial.

@StevenB @adam we had a conference call/board meeting on this a couple months ago. Maybe @dave can point us to his LNPay diagrams?

@StevenB @mitch i think I can help some in this area, but what tutorial are you looking for? For developers?

@adam @StevenB LNPay’s developer documentation looks good. Basically I think the process for a P2.0 app is to call the LNPay endpoints to:

1) create a lightning wallet address, then save the credentials it sends back to you securely on your device.

2) tell the user to send a small amount of Bitcoin to that address.

3) when a <podcast:value> enabled podcast is playing, you send requests to the LNPay endpoint with your credentials, number of sats, and <podcast:value> addresses.

@mitch @StevenB I would recommend you read the Breez post, they have also created a format for payment info:
"podcast_title": <title>
"episode_title": <title>
"action": stream | boost
"action_time": hh:mm:ss

@adam @StevenB I'm not seeing the <podcast:value> block in the Podcasting 2.0 or No Agenda RSS I missing something? Has the namespace changed?

@mitch @adam @StevenB We are using the podcasterwallet shim like most others since the Freedom Controller doesn't support the value block yet, and that's what Adam supports. Once we get moved to Castopod we will put it in the XML.

@dave @adam @StevenB we're taking a look at LNPay integration with Podverse right now. How can we connect that to the podcasterwallet shim? Any documentation on this process?

@mitch @adam @StevenB What are you trying to do? That site is just to help podcasters insert a value block into their feed in the index. If you just need to get the value blocks for feeds those get returned in the normal API.

@dave @adam @StevenB we're trying to integrate with LNPay. Start streaming sats and hitting the boost for P2.0 value tag compliant podcasts. We're looking for a value tag to develop the feature with...

@mitch @dave @StevenB I don't think they are in any rss feed, but all mine have value tags and are in the index

@adam @dave @StevenB hmm I queried the Podcasts Search and Episodes By Feed Id API end points and do not see a "value" field.

@mitch @adam @StevenB See, this is where I drive @steven up the wall with my non-documenting of things.

@dave @adam @StevenB @steven haha it'll get there. Thanks for the quick response!

Another question...for the node addresses...what's the simplest way to get a node address? Also LNPay?

We have a Podverse LN node setup on a Pi at my apartment with a channel to Podcast Index, but we'd like a separate node for development purposes. Can we use Sphinx to provision a node for us?

Sorry again I should know this stuff by now, but we're finally at a point where we can tackle this.

@dave @adam @StevenB @steven actually, might have the answer, looks like we setup a wallet using LNPay within Podverse for test purposes, since that will be how our users would have to do it.

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@adam @mitch Yeah, I'm working on a podcast app, (still in development, so lots of bugs, but you can check it out if you want to), and I'd like to eventually be able to use the value tag in the app.

@adam @mitch

Do you know of any Desktop apps that would play nice with being able to stream sats using the value tag? I'm a bit of a luddite with mobile, and only have a flip phone. I downloaded Zap last night, but all of this wallet stuff is a bit of a learning curve.

@adam @mitch @podstation
Oh, I'm trying to develop an app like podstation, and want to include the ability to let the listener stream sats to podcaster and charge a fee for using the podcast app.

@StevenB @adam @mitch podStation + LNPay is a good match, the code is open if you want to check.

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