Next up in playback! 🎉

Demo featuring Animated No Agenda by @jennifer

ETA this weekend.

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@mitch @jennifer yes! Remember you can search for 3speak and test against any video. 1000 channels!

@mitch @jennifer This is great news!

I love ANA being the example for everyone to use for video.

@mitch @jennifer ugh what do i have to do to get a new f-droid version so i can use this in time 🤣

Also are you using alternateEnclosure at all yet?

@agates @jennifer hah ugh sorry man, the F-Droid release blocker is killing me. It’s a build process issue stemming from F-Droid starting to ask us to build the react-native-reanimated npm dependency ourselves, in order to make sure the .AAR file it generates is truly FOSS, but the latest stable release of their library doesn’t support Gradle 7 like the rest of our build. I might have a path forward with some recent updates. If you ever want to see the build issue over a 15min screen share lmk.

@mitch @agates @jennifer no we’re not using alternateEnclosures yet. Are there any podcasts making good use of it? Maybe for switching between audio or video? Or smaller bitrate files?

@mitch @jennifer

Just look at Animated No Agenda... HLS and multiple resolutions available

Podnews uses it for low bitrate audio but obviously that's a separate use case

@chidgey When reasons don't work, use excuses. Isn't that the subtitle of Causality? 😉

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