Are there mono-color white or black versions of the Podcasting 2.0 Certified badge?

I'd like to add a version of the badge to the bottom right of our new footer, but the Red branding might stand out too much...

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@benjaminbellamy any CSS tips for how to increase the size of the icon? It seems like it is controlled by font-size, but when I set font-size: 264px, the container height is huge, and I'm not able to get the icon in the position I'd like...

This library is incredible btw. Didn't realize how extensive it was till now.

@mitch I updated it but I am not satisfied with this solution… I'll work on it again…

@steven @benjaminbellamy I don't think it has padding/margin? It seems like the issue has something to do with the logo being a font character...I'm not sure how it's working.

@mitch @benjaminbellamy It seems like there is white space built in to the character that grows as the font size grows.

I found you can move it left with

i::before {
margin-left: -75px;

Additionally, Ben provides an SVG you could download and use on the site.

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