NEW in Podverse web v4.1.15

- Improved styles across all screen sizes (mobile, tablet, laptop, and larger)

- Added Funding, Share, and RSS buttons to page headers.

- Added Share button next to episodes and clips.

- Fixed issue with syncing your currently playing episode across web and mobile.

- Added missing scrollbars, and other bug fixes.

@mitch This is very cool. May I report a bug (or poor UX)?

On registering for a new account, it says "please verify your email address" and underneath has a button to press marked "send a verification email".

I press the button. I get an email, which doesn't work and gives an error. And then I get another email which does work.


@mitch Suggestion either - a) that button shouldn't appear for (xx) seconds after registration. b) "We have sent you an email" and change button to be "request another". Or c) don't regenerate the token if one has been generated in last half hour

@mitch Also - once you do sign in after making a new account, you're given this unfriendly error.

How about "You haven't subscribed to any podcasts yet. For some suggestions, _see all podcasts_"

@mitch ...and a) I'd love to understand what algorithm here is making a German podcast from six months ago #1; and b) could I suggest the unambiguous "Jan 16 2022" rather than 1/16/2022 which is the wrong way round for most countries.

@jamescridland I should be able to add all these tonight.

Except for the search engine algorithm...I wish I understood it too 🤦‍♂️ it's over my head. Our setup consists of our API + Postgres + Manticore.

Manticore applies a rating score based on the podcast title query somehow, and we return whatever it gives us in the response.

We have "all time listen count" data for each podcast from our Matomo tracking service, but I don't know to combine both Manticore rating + Matomo counts in a query.

@mitch Thanks. Yes, it's an odd one - you'd assume that if the search word is at the front of the title it should score higher; and more recent updates should potentially score higher too. Not looked at Manticore.

@mitch @jamescridland Mitch, I use two queries. One to Manticore to get the feed id’s and another to the main db to get the metadata for those feeds and sort them according to popularity/rank. Not sure if that helps you in any way.

@dave @jamescridland that makes sense as a rough idea...but what if a result has a low match ranking from Manticore, but a high popularity ranking?

In other words, what if Manticore returns a result with a 1000 point title match score, and another result with a 100 point title match score, but the 100 score podcast is more popular than the 1000 match? Do we still render the more popular podcast at the top?

Not a big deal with 2 results, but with 20+ it could be a big deal.

@jamescridland also, I updated the "verify email" modal handling.

Now there is no "send verification email" button the first time you see the "verify your email" modal (right after you sign up).

Then after sign up, if you try to sign in but your email is not verified yet, the modal with show with the "send verification email" button.

@mitch Looks good to me! Anything that helps be know what to do next (rather than just leaves me with an empty screen). I hoped that was helpful - the signup process is not normally part of things you'd see every day

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