Thanks to @RyanHirsch for updating podcast-partytime to support liveItem chat 🙏

The change has been deployed to the Podverse parsers. Chat Rooms should now automatically show up for live streams in web and mobile if the podcaster includes a chat URL.

Demo page (not currently streaming live):

cc @behindthesch3m3s @Medus @darrenoneill @bowlafterbowl @Lehmancreations @adam @dave

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@dave @adam @behindthesch3m3s @Lehmancreations @darrenoneill @RyanHirsch @bowlafterbowl @Medus Sorry, correction… IRC chat rooms are available in mobile 4.6.4. Apple has approved it already so it’s available on the App Store… Google is normally faster than Apple but they have not approved 4.6.4 yet.

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