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Fountain 0.3.0 is now live!

⚡Optional Email Login
⚡Navigation & Design Updates
⚡Faster Podcast Syncing
⚡Web Player
⚡Audio Download Bug Fix

Nevermind, I *think* this index will do the trick for us, but I'm going to ask a friend who is more of a db expert to review it later today.

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Postgres question: if I want to efficiently do a query on a large table like:

... WHERE column1 IS TRUE AND column2 IS TRUE ORDER BY column3;

I apparently need a composite index. I have only used 2 columns in composite indexes before though. In this case, should I make a composite index of all 3 columns?

Added a "videos only" toggle to the Podcasts page.

It works, except when you press the back button. I'll try to fix it this weekend.

@StevenB @agates any ideas why a query for Podcasts with a WHERE of "hasVideo IS TRUE" and an ORDER BY "pageViews DESC" takes forever?

Could this be a situation where we need a compound index? We need postgres to quickly find all "hasVideo IS TRUE" podcasts, and also quickly return them sorted by "pageViews DESC"...but I guess there are 2 indexes we would need there, so could a compound index help?

@agates @dave I noticed there are "video" and "music" options for the <podcast:medium> namespace, but not a "music-video" option. Should there be? Or should we look for both tags in the feed?

Any Postgres experts out there who can see what is wrong with this query that is causing it to hang forever?

I ran an EXPLAIN on it but I don't know what I'm looking at 😬


@Medus reported that ActivityPub comments were not loading for Fun Fact Friday with Leila and David in Podverse.

The AP socialInteract handling i currently based on the data returned by Podcasting 2.0's socialInteract url, but FFF returns a different structure that P2.0.

The P2.0 CollectionPage endpoint returns an array of Note items, but that same array in the FFF CollectionPage endpoint returns an array of URLs that point to Note items.

Anyone have advice on how to handle these differences?

Comments are live on 🎉

This feature uses the Podcasting 2.0 socialInteraction namespace. If an episode has an official ActivityPub comment thread, then a Comments section will appear underneath that episode.

Sample page:

Coming soon to the mobile app!

Many thanks to @agates and @js for their generous help setting this up.

@dave I added a read-only implementation of ActivityPub comments to the Podverse website...but when I deployed to production, the browser fails when requesting the JSON status endpoint with a CORS error :[

I was working around CORS errors during development with a browser extension, but I thought maybe in prod there wouldn't be a CORS issue.

socialInteraction URL:

cc @agates @js

@agates as per your other comment, it sounds like us passing query params is definitely not the answer. Is it possible to configure PI's Mastodon instance to return these count fields maybe?

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