Just received my first ever boost (from myself) -- thanks for the inbound liquidity @dave !

Setting up lnd to run on an EC2 -- each time the box goes down and comes back up, I'd like to have lnd be restarted automatically (I understand it's supposed to be always available / always on).

But it looks like after starting lnd, I have to manually unlock the wallet with lncli unlock. Is it possible to launch lnd at boot without human intervention?

@dave -- working on podping (finally). Can you confirm its "ok" to hit your podping.cloud service more than once in occasional edge cases (e.g. a user publishes their episode, unpublishes, then publishes it again)?

Hi folks! Mike Kadin here, I'm the CEO of RedCircle, a podcast hosting / monetization co.

We're just getting going in adding a few of the podcast namespace fields on our end. Starting with the channel-level GUID. Our plan was to use our existing UUID that we generate as a show's ID on RedCircle, but I noticed that the spec says we should be generating it as a UUID5 of the feed url, which is not currently the case.

Is that totally necessary? Or can we just choose a random well-formed UUID?

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