Older friend started using Ubuntu because he hates Apple & MS so much. I installed it for him. He needs a way to download podcasts and then sync with a portable mp3 player. Rhythmbox works fine for music but it renames the podcast files and so he can't tell the files apart on the mp3 player. I use podcasts so differently that I am not sure how to help him. Sphinx is linux but I am not sure I want him anywhere near a wallet given how much work getting him on Ubuntu has been for me. Any ideas?

@adam introduced me to voidtools Everything search last year where it has since become a tool I can't live without. PowerShell joined that list as I had to learn it for my day job.

Then today I am introduced to a 7 year old project that combines these tools... FOSS is pretty f-ing amazing

Hypothication is 5 dollar word for borrowing money while promising something as collateral. Rehypothication is where the lender a can borrow from someone else and pledge the first loan as collateral. Listening to ep60 and its the first time you 2 hit on a topic that I know. Thanks for all you do @dave & @adam

My background is as an ERP application admin. I'm part dev part sysadmin, part of which is on Oracle Cloud. I'm looking to get my side hustle is runnin on a laptop, some is on other hosting platforms. While I'm into decentralization this isn't sustainable. I'm considering Linode, since that's where a lot of other services I use are running, but how is Linode not a central point of failure like AWS or Azure or the like? Thanks for you input

Boost if you won’t shop at businesses requiring vaccine passports.

Touch screen on my otg phone is misbehaving. I have replaced it before and rather than do another screen, I have ordered a refurbished Pixel to try out GrapheneOS. Any hints?

@agates I've set up an account and a channel. Uploaded the first video and a transcript. It seems to work pretty well. Just what I was looking for. Thank you for interacting with me. Is there a way to have links to popup on the playback?

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We have to get AntennaPod on V4V. Just used them to subscribed to @dame_jennifer using the RSS feed on NAT. I like this new world. Thanks @agates

I have been working on a side hustle for a while and we have reached a point where I need a video and podcast presence. I've recorded my first presentation. All the pc2.0 hosts are audio only. Does anyone know of a good video hosting service?

Reading is fundamental. I meant to post in NAS. But hey any input would be appreciated. 😜

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Need to up my corporate gig Zoom presence. I'm working on lighting and a microphone. Pretty much going with the podfathers gear setup sans headset. Anyone have a recommendation for in ear monitoring?

I have said this before, using AntennaPod is a dream. I have an education package that has tons of mp3 and I had some on my Lineage OS phone. Also have a pool to which I dropped said phone while working on the lights. I was listening to the board meeting at the time too. Well phone is back in service and I got to thinking about hosting my own rss inside my home network only. Is there asimple place to start this process?

I use AntennaPod on Leneage OS. Started playing with the search. iTunes doesn't list The Scott Horton Show anymore but Podcast Index does. Sign of the times. Thank you for your courage. @dave @adam

Starting to look profreshional: octopod.dev

I've got a maritime joke for every day of the year, it's going to be inkredible.

I guess I will need to get a profile pic so I can tell if I'm here or in NAS

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