@agates Thanks for the information. I wondered what their model was.

My background is as an ERP application admin. I'm part dev part sysadmin, part of which is on Oracle Cloud. I'm looking to get my side hustle is runnin on a laptop, some is on other hosting platforms. While I'm into decentralization this isn't sustainable. I'm considering Linode, since that's where a lot of other services I use are running, but how is Linode not a central point of failure like AWS or Azure or the like? Thanks for you input

Boost if you won’t shop at businesses requiring vaccine passports.

Touch screen on my otg phone is misbehaving. I have replaced it before and rather than do another screen, I have ordered a refurbished Pixel to try out GrapheneOS. Any hints?

@agates Understood. Thanks for what you have started and shared with the rest of us.

@agates I've set up an account and a channel. Uploaded the first video and a transcript. It seems to work pretty well. Just what I was looking for. Thank you for interacting with me. Is there a way to have links to popup on the playback?

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@agates @keunes I love this freaking app. I think it has the best UI & UX of any Android media player out there. Once I discovered that I could use local folders it was game over. Now, all other players are judged relative to AntennaPod.

We have to get AntennaPod on V4V. Just used them to subscribed to @dame_jennifer using the RSS feed on NAT. I like this new world. Thanks @agates

@agates sweet. I think I will take a run at it tomorrow morning. 3speak is more than I can wrap my mind around right now.

@agates @dame_jennifer super helpful. Been studying the set up and thinking about how to go about this all evening.

My first recording is 1080p @ 30fps. 21 minutes at 208 MB. Is there an optimization guide somewhere?

@agates If I do upload there and start to get traction then you will accept payment from me.

@agates @brianoflondon Only thing I really understand about Hive is the mentions during the board meetings.

@agates I'm not looking for SLA/support as much as I'm looking for control and I'd prefer to support true free speech platforms. Self hosting is not something I want yet as I'm working on my business more than the tech.

@dave thanks Dave. I will look into those. Headliner looks more like a promotion platform rather than a full hosting.

I have been working on a side hustle for a while and we have reached a point where I need a video and podcast presence. I've recorded my first presentation. All the pc2.0 hosts are audio only. Does anyone know of a good video hosting service?

Reading is fundamental. I meant to post in NAS. But hey any input would be appreciated. 😜

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Need to up my corporate gig Zoom presence. I'm working on lighting and a microphone. Pretty much going with the podfathers gear setup sans headset. Anyone have a recommendation for in ear monitoring?

@ville my router log is crazy long with intrusion attempts so no way I'd open that up

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