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As of 13 years ago, I know on good authority that Taco Bell ground beef was technically beef...
Enough cow lips and anuses to meet the minimum labeling standard, plus fillers and additives.
I doubt it's gotten better. Could be worse?

@adam For the first time ever, I listened to Podcasting 2.0 with 2 earbuds in stereo. Dude, the intro panning is awesome. You should think about a career in radio.
Young man, you have got it!

I’ve had episode 61 of Bitcoin Explained in my Curiocaster queue and tried several times yesterday & today to play it, but nothing happened. I can play it manually from Podcast Index. If there’s anything wrong with the feed, let me know so I can pass it on to the podcaster.


I didn't expect to like using a browser-only podcast client, but I'm hooked on @CurioCaster. Really well done.
Just a couple feature suggestions:
1. On Recent Episodes list, would be nice to have the podcast name (like on the Queue).
2. Same thing if I select an episode from the list and view the details - podcast name not shown.
3. If I know I'm going to be offline, would be great to download the media file. Nothing fancy in your app, just download the file and I listen on my own

I've been lurking a while to see how to contribute...

If projects with ESL devs need English proofreading for a Podcasting 2.0 or Lightning project, I can spend an hour or 2 per week.

I'm NOT a marketing/PR copy writer, and I can't translate. But I can proof & edit English, and my spelling, grammar, etc. are good (really good TBH). If you need that, reach out. I'll assess what you've got & let you know what I can commit to given my day job workload.

First new episode after getting my value block on satoshis.stream. BOOST!
Mental Supermodels: Bitcoin of the Lambs

My podcast is hosted on Blubrry. Is there anything I should do to notify Podping when I post a new episode, or that up to Blubrry? Trying to understand how that works - as I stand here watching Podping.

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