First question, what is the best way to host a podcast using feature set/tags for podcasting 2.0 ... My original plan was to use my blog it provides me basic podcast setup already. But I don't think I would be able to ever do anything other than upload the audiofile, I would not have anykind of ability to use tags(which I know nothing about yet) and so forth.

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@nixer if you are using wordpress, there are a couple if plugins.
there is also SovereignFeeds that allows you to build the XML that you post to your site.

@nixer and please report back with any roadblocks and/or obstacles you encounter while trying to be a self-hosted podcaster. It's a hobby horse of mine.

@IceCubeSoup I will, I currently have my site with Micro.Blog, I'm reaching out to them to see how deep I can go down the rabbit hole using what they provide.

@nixer It appears that they aren't using WordPress, so that rules out using a WordPress plugin to 'upgrade' the RSS feed that comes from their platform.

But there are workarounds available by using things like , which will give you the XML for the RSS feed, but then you have to have that file available on the web, and get to use that link instead of your generic RSS feed.


I doubt that the has heard of podcasting 2.0 yet.

But maybe they want to be early movers, and build in support of PC2.0 directly into their platform.

They seem pretty nimble.

@IceCubeSoup we'll see what they say, Micro.Blog is using Hugo. They can do plugins... it may be a project I have to take up.

@nixer Hi Tim, welcome.

I wasn't a podcaster until about a month ago, but I've been lurking among these smart PC2.0 people for a while now. It sounds like we have similar goals; self-hosting.

I self-host my own email server using, which comes with its own DNS and nginx and therefore can serve static files and multiple domains.

So far, I've used + a text editor and rsync to publish/manage "The Mike Neumann Show".

@nixer I wanted a 'landng page' for the podcast, so i used Pelican to make a very simple site at to host shownotes.

There are some things that I've noticed that doesn't pick up from the feed (tags/categories, and the website for the podcast), but I think these may be trimmings that will get picked up eventually.

Personally, I'm not interested in doing a single plugin of anything, myself. I'm going to live and die by my text editor. ;)

@nixer re: lightning, there are an increasing number of ways to set fixed-up with a wallet from both the podcaster and listener perspective. Personally, I just run my own raspiblitz. "how to do lightning" is a rapidly-evolving topic. The guys talked through a lot of the latest in the most recent two episodes of Podcasting 2.0.

@mikeneumann I used Mail-In-the-Box a few years ago. I since moved to Fastmail for simplicity/features sake. I am thinking I should just start where I'm at and just podcast away...i can tweak as I go, I won't ever start if I keep fiddling with the details.

@nixer Indeed. You just have to jump in and start swimming. That's why once existed, and after I'd studied the text of the Podcasting 2.0 feed for a bit, and then what really gave me confidence to just do it was John Spurlock's

I also use to generate some chapters when I get around to it.

My podcast so far is just meat for the sausage machine; to learn this stuff and to explore the namespace. It's a fairly expendable pawn.

@nixer I see my podcast as a 'low value' target for testing out new, and older thus-far unexplored, corners of the namespace.

Nobody's going to complain if my feed breaks, and it may be a useful playground for some of the smarter folks around here to experiement on bleeding-edge stuf in a feed.

I don't mind running constantly with scissors. :)

@mikeneumann That is sort of where I will be... Odds are the first weeks, months, I may be my only

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