So I am trying to grok the whole tag thing. This is my vanilla RSS feed... can someone take a look and let me know what tags I should add, if any should be removed...etc?

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Obviously you should add podcasting 2.0 namespace and
tags for the 2.0 features you are using.

There's an example with that here:

@nixer @harvhat

I had/have a dream of someday fully removing the itunes namespace from my feed, but we're not there yet.

@StevenB 's spiffy references these three namespaces, below.

Steven, what's the 'content' namespace about?






What in the itunes namespace do you feel is still absolutely needed?


Short answer? Whatever the folks with the apps at are relying on.

Longer answer? the above, plus the hosting companies who are backing PC2.0 may still need some itunes legacy support.

I have zero authority on any of this - I just don't like redundancy, but I know we need some redundancy for a period of time.

Yea. I was just hoping you already done that work. Not sure what people are still relying on. I'll probably start off being extreme and then adding some itunes back in if they prove to be really needed.


I'm somewhere in-between right now. I know Steven has other priorities than minimization and I don't want to bother him with stuff like this.

I may keep things as they are, and just manually experiment with individual episode items over time to see how much iTunes bits I can carve out and see what happens. :)


As for individual tags (RSS, iTunes, PC2.0), I went minimalist on RSS and itunes; favoring PC2.0.

For PC2.0, I asked a few questions around here, but then really just did some RTFM and opened a text editor and had at it.

I also did, and do, rely on and

Great stuff there.

@mikeneumann Yeah, again I am just trying to figure out what is necessary and what is extra fluff. My RSS feed is generated by this file so some stuff I am limited on I think, at least it appears that way to me. But I like the convenience of most of it being automated.

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