So people doing the whole podcasting 2.0 spec... are you creating the entry for every episode manually? I think someone needs to make a simple howto on howto have a one page site with an RSS feed and setup a place to store the files... like dead to rites simple step by step for dense geezers like

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@nixer This gets me thinking that with the right Xlst sheet, a sovereign feeds feed could be the site and rss both and still be beautiful. Cc: @StevenB

@StevenB @nixer Xml style sheet. Pull up a Buzzsprout RSS feed in your browser and you’ll see th styling applied.

@dave @nixer

Oh, interesting. I didn't know that was possible. I'll I have to look into it.

@dave @nixer

And this shows up when you click on the Subscribe button, which is way cooler than seeing Apple, Google, and Spotify badges.

@StevenB @dave @nixer those don’t link to the podcast’s show page, just the home page, right? It’s be nice to add something like <rawvoice:subscribe> tag to the podcast namespace so you can populate those values from the feed.

@nathan @dave @nixer

That's right. Each app has it's own unique format for linking to a podcast/episode, which I way I think it would be nice to have something in the spec that says this is how an external link to a podcast/episode should look so other websites can use one format for every app.

@StevenB @dave @nixer I was just thinking a tag to include all your subscribe links, but yeah, it’d be great if every site had a .well-known route to POST a feed URL/episode-GUID and be redirected to the right destination.

Until then, I just maintain this list:

@nathan @dave @nixer

Oh yeah, that's handy. Something like that in a json file so an app could grab the file, reference the player in question, then build the link would be a totally workable solution.

@StevenB @nathan @nixer When you look at all of the different subscription URL schemes being used, is there a baseline set of parameters they all seem to share? I would love to develop a generic universal subscription URL scheme and then petition Apple hard to support it with a default podcast player setting in iOS.

@dave @nathan @nixer

It think the most universal would be using the feedUrl for podcast and the enclosureUrl for episode. I don't like it, because everything has to be url encoded, and it looks ugly, but a podcaster can use it without needing to query any particular index to get an id or guid unique to that index

@StevenB @dave @nixer I think the proposal with the highest chance of success would be a new protocol like "podto://"+feedURL that Apple could let you set a default app for.

That's been tried before and got nowhere,

but since then Apple’s started allowing people to select a default browser and mail app 🤷🏻‍♂️

@nathan @StevenB @nixer Yeah I think things are different enough now at Apple and in the political landscape that it’s feasible. Who know. I’m willing to try.

@dave @StevenB @nixer here’s some discussion from last time we tried this:

I think a better approach would be to write a JS polyfill, so we can start using “podcast://“ links today without OS support. Then later, Apple can adopt it and we deprecate the polyfill.

@dave okay, I spent some more time thinking it all through and here's where I landed:

@StevenB @nixer Whoa. How did I miss this? I swear you have so many features now, you need a user manual. 😂

@adam @dave @nixer

I agree. That's part of why I put it up on Github. Maybe some others can use it and create their own layouts. All of the functionality it could stay the same, and just change up the CSS for how it's displayed.

@StevenB @dave Is there some sort of instructions on how to make this happen?

@nixer @dave

It's not exactly a polished product, it's a proof of concept I was working on that I made open so others could use/tweak it as they see fit. Vercel has a free plan I was using as a demo, and their instructions for getting started are pretty good.

@nixer @dave

Good luck!! If you have any questions, let me know. And if you find Svelte a little confusing, they have an excellent tutorial to get you started.

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