Can Sovereign feeds and the index be used for video files instead of audio? I have an idea for a video podcast and I'm wondering if I can do the full from scratch thing like I am doing my audio podcast.

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Sure can, check out

which was put together using Sovereign Feeds. Just put the link to your video file here.

@StevenB @nixer Hey Steven, does video work on all playback platforms or just the desktop web? Like, would it work in Safari mobile?

@dave @nixer

I've never tried it on Safari mobile, but if you're talking about using CurioCaster, it according to caniuse, it should work on Safari iOS.

For CurioCaster, I'm checking to see if the file is a mp4, and if it is I use a video tag to play it. I've seen some older feeds with Quicktime, but had trouble getting those working. It looks like HTML 5 video supports MP4, WebM, and Ogg.

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