I'm giving up for tonight, but @StevenB I've been trying not to bug anyone. But I've made and remade my feed a bunch of times and I couldn't get the Value block to take, finally, I got it on the episode but it won't stick for the show itself. Of course, I have 2 of the same episode in the index now also. If you have the time, tomorrow maybe we can figure out what's going on.

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Don't worry about bugging anyone. I want the process to be as easy as possible, so I don't mind the questions. You're one of the early adopters, so your questions and insight are very valuable.

@StevenB Ok, I'll hit you up tomorrow. I may record myself making the feed so you can watch what I do and we can go from there.

@nixer If you do, hit F12 first so I can see the console as well. I have a some logs in there that make troubleshooting easier.

@StevenB Hey, made a video this morning, I hope it makes sense. If there is something specific, let me know and I can record it again.


That video is helpful. It's definitely not user error, there's something going on with the code that I need to investigate and fix. I'll be able to get to it later today. I'll let you know once it's fixed so you can add value to your channel level.

Other things I did notice:

video is fine and appropriate for your media type.

Your splits should add up to 100%. Since you're adding me as a fee, put yourself at 100% in the splits.


Fees and splits are different. A fee comes out first, and is fixed to the total sats sent. So if you had two splits, one at 5% and another at 1%, on a 100 sat stream, the 5% fee would get 5 sats, the 1% fee would get 1 sat, which leaves 94 sats.

Now the splits come into play. The splits will divide the remaining sats after fees are handled, to be distributed to the splits value block. So if you had two 50% splits, each would get 47 sats, or half of the remaining 94 sats.

@StevenB Thanks for looking into it. Good to hear I'm not a


Alright, I got a chance to look at it tonight. It's working when I test it with your feed, so try adding the value to your podcast again.

@StevenB Seems all fixed up, feed updated, and value block there.

Is the multiple cross app comments new? I just noticed it. It's a nice option, now I can have comments on masto and twitter.

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