Another question for the day, I'm But need a new mic, there is a hissing sound when I record. A Mic headphone combo would be great. I just have a laptop.. I also operate out of my living room so the wife won't go for an elaborate studio setup. I just have to make due with what I

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@nixer Ah yeah. Headset mics are inappropriate for podcasting. The USB cable might be picking up that noise you are hearing.

@adam I have 3 ports on the laptop, it's a Surface.. there is a USB-A, a USB-c, and a 3.5 jack.


@adam What do you recommend for budget setup for someone dipping their feet in the water, but not sure if they want to spend a lot on something they may lose interest in?

@nixer @adam @StevenB

It was the second mic I used and was really happy with it. 3/4th the price of a yeti, and it’s got usb/xlr for some versatility. The yetis are ok in some uses but if you got an empty room it’s gonna pick up all the echos.

@CastosMatt @behindthesch3m3s @nixer @ThatLARRYSHOW @darrenoneill

Has anyone else had issues with Windows 10 and USB mics? I have one, and even with the gain turned all the up, the mic levels are super low. Looking into it, apparently Windows 10 did something with their USB mic drivers that created a bunch of issues.

@StevenB @CastosMatt @behindthesch3m3s @ThatLARRYSHOW @darrenoneill I'm on Windows 11, but I don't seem to have issue. Have you tried to remove and read your USB drivers and sound drivers?

@ThatLARRYSHOW @CastosMatt @behindthesch3m3s @nixer @darrenoneill

Did you ever figure out a way around it? I was thinking about dual booting a Linux distro just so I can use my mic.

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