Those of you working off of a Windows workstation, what tools are you using for recording and production?

@nixer The only thing I do on Windows is "The Studio"; currently only Hindenburg Lite for recording, and necessary bits for the MOTU Ultralite Mk4 to get the sound done as best as I can.

As quickly as I can, I transfer the output (.wav and .mp3s) over to my Linux box.

@mikeneumann I was working from linux, and jumping back and forth to windows since it's my only machine. I've fried it a couple times tinkering with dual boot stuff and need the machine for my day job so I'm going to stick to Windows until I can afford another machine or quit my day

@nixer I just picked up an old Dell Precision T3610 from some Craigslister a few years ago and I dual-boot WIndows/Ubuntu. I only use WIndows to fiddle in Visual Studio and to edit the teams repo for PC20 because the Github app on Win makes more sense to me. :)

My work machine is off limits to this stuff. That machine is owned/managed by The Man.

@mikeneumann know the github desktop app is available in linux as a flatpak.. maybe a snap also.

I suffer from Distrohopperitis.. once I have Linux installed all I want to do is try all the new shiny stuff and switch around distros and desktops, which I am weak and cannot

@nixer I'm trying to learn to love Sublime Merge on Linux. It exposes a lot of git that I don't care about/am not rated for. 😂

@mikeneumann I haven't used merge... I was a big fan of Sublime Text back in the day before VSCode dethroned it.

@nixer @mikeneumann using both Sublime Text and Sublime Merge on both Wintendo and Linux, the first for work (Azure magic) and Linux for PCI and play at home .. both simple and powerful enough.

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