Another question for today, how much does your website matter if the show is usually discovered in a pc client anyway?

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Depends. If you host everything, you are relatively immune to censorship.

@amerika yeah, I get that. I am more wondering on the quality/presentation.. I am hosting 100% dyi. But that also prevents me from having a fancier site, since my skills are sparse. I could do a lot more using something hosted and with a lot of the upfront gruntwork done by better designers and such... It's just something I was wondering... is my bare bones approach going to detract from things?

@amerika mind you, either way, I would still be hosting my own episode files.


Smart. Keep control instead of relying on services that seem to delete people randomly.


This is pretty cool:

I was sort of disappointed that the site was not CLI based.

@amerika I think the effect would get annoying after surfing around multiple pages... it's a nice novelty for a landing page though.


I might not try to do the 24oo baudz impression, but I like nice text-based interfaces:


In my view, no.

If people can read it in a regular browser it'll be fine.

Most of the post-90s web stuff does not contribute to the bottom line unless you need interactive function, like say for a Fediverse node.

@nixer For me, very little. I figure people will 'find' my podcast through an app (iOS/Android/Web Player) and the info I put up at is just for those apps to pull from.

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