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@nixer @sirpeet @adam That’s a good idea. Why didn’t I think of that. 🤔

@sirpeet @adam @dave It would be cool to have that automatically show up in the index if a podcast has a certain percentage of the tags or something.. sort of a podcasting 2.0 checkmark.

I got permission from an artist to use their song as an intro music, now I have to figure out how to make it...lol

@killyourfm These guys are so worth it just for their song titles config.sys, ftp, irq 0 System Clock, io.sys .... 🤣 😂 🤣 😂

Seeing how I have one less than 2-minute episode. I was wondering how boostagrams work? I claimed my podcast in the Fountain app. If someone boosts me in fountain do I get an email? Does it show up in fountain? I'm just curious. I actually boosted myself for like 10 sats just to see what happened. That was the other day, I see no acknowledgment it ever happened. But then again I'm sending to myself.

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@nixer @adam Yes, I've been meaning to have Josh on the show. Thanks for the reminder!

Hey @dave and @adam , I don't know if you take guest suggestions for the podcast, but I've been playing with JustCast and it's pretty nice, and the creator's whole goal is to be as Podcasting 2.0 compliant as possible. It's the most complete solution without doing everything yourself I can find so far.

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@dave lol...justcast already added it for me, and the old one is dead..so umm, not sure what to do other than continue to be a pain in the ass...lol sorry

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@dave or if you want to delete it I can re-add it from justcast I think

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@dave can you change the NixerShow feed to:


when you get a chance.

I'm going to give JustCast a go for a bit.

@Castopod do you guys have a minimum recommended size for a VPS running Castopod?

@dave @harvhat @Castopod thanks for tagging Castapod, this was an item I was unaware of, it seems pretty nice.

@dave So is freedom controller going to be fully Podcast2.0 friendly? Can it be used to host a podcast? Heck, I barely understand what the Freedom Controller is.

@dave lol...there is a podcasting 2.0 IRC channel, share the deets

I may have to start a podcast on a traditional host while I figure it all out, like a podcast covering figuring out how to make my podcast.

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