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As far as podcasting 2.0 goes, where does video fit in? Can it? I was thinking of doing oddball videos of me playing games like Zork, maybe live streaming and such even. Which I don’t know how to do any of it. But I would like to keep it value for value and such. Any input on the how would be great.

My daughter was making a character in Sims 4, she wanted the last name to be Hardon and it got flagged by the game and wouldn’t let her save. I then had to tell her how it sounded like a bad thing while at the same time avoiding explaining what a “hard on” was. The horror!

So, I set up cross-app comments and implemented it, but to be honest, I'm not sure how it's supposed to work or what it does. Could someone fill me in? Depending on how useful it is, it could factor in me setting up my own mastodon instance for the show. Thanks.

@dave I was happy to announce this until I saw my show notes didn't take in sovereign feeds, I needed to redo the feed. my bad this time. Will it update on its own, right now the notes are blank?

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I am happy to announce that I put out a new episode and it was on the index in a few seconds. Thanks for fixing it all up those involved.

I have new episode blues, it's not syncing again. It has to be something with me or my server... or are other people having issues with it?

I found Podcasting 2.0 room in Matrix, looks like y'all abandoned

@StevenB Sorry to ask so many questions, but how exactly do the cross-app comments work on Sovereign Feeds? Is that the same thing I see when @adam makes the comment threads on mastodon?

I also realized I need some sort of mechanical device to slap me every time I say "ummm" while recording.

@cameron , I noticed links don't transfer in the show notes when passed to the IPFS feed. Is there something I need to do, or should I unfancy it and type the URLs in?

Look at that, a second episode is out. Still working out 1, 000,000 kinks.

@StevenB on Sovereign feeds do I have to use the WYSIWYG editor or can I paste some HTML in there also?

I'm playing with intro music this morning. What is the recommended length for a starting song? I have 1min of the audio cut for use, don't know if that is to long to wait before I start babbling? Or should I start talking over the music towards the end? That gets a bit more difficult with the tools I have or at least know how to use. Any input from folks using Music in their podcast would be great.

So this is my bling bling HTML/CSS only site for my podcast, I have 'subscribe to feed' above and below the episodes, I would love opinions on the better location. Otherwise knowing that I'm not using JS or anything else other than again HTML/CSS I would love feedback in general. Thanks!

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@StevenB never mind, I think I just wrapped my head around this, it is pulling from the index.. since my feed isn't updated there yet it doesn't show properly in Sovereign Feeds.

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@StevenB Sorry to be such a bother Steve, but was wondering if it is normal that old episodes don't show up in the episode list. I created my feed, posted it, then came back to Sovereign Feeds and that show is gone, it only shows the create a new episode. Is this the way it works, I fear I add an episode, generate the feed, and overwrite the previous one. Or is there something I am doing that is inherently

@dave how often do the feeds refresh on the index? Like if there is no new episode but tags are updated?

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