Descentralizar el banco de la reserva Federal de los Estados Unidos al abolir su Junta de gobernadores

~¡radio orale!” (09/19/21)

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...this is also why most Americans "only date the secret police" ... a dynamic difficult to avoid if one doesn't have a politically secure religious community. (It's was this way long before 9/11, but the Biden/Bush Patriot Act modernized it.)

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...this is one of the reasons why people might rather be managed by local racketeers -- who have stingrays too. I imagine corporate partisan operators have them too. Who needs operation Watergate, when they have Airgate? Anyway,. I already mentioned racketeers.

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...if possible ask your elected judges (federal judges are appointed, so, there's not really any direct accountability there) what they think about signing warrants for the use of stingrays. Then again, in my experience, candidates for judge aren't big on public forums.


Децентрализовать Федеральный резервный банк США, упразднив его Совет управляющих)

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federalize the federal reserve bank, or revoke its charter

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Китайская Aлгебра



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