@dave @adam Listening to last episode 47.. Glad to hear you guys address the onboarding issues for newbies. I agree there's great opportunity for education, but it I found it too 'techie' at this moment as well. People would need a big incentive to jump through the hoops right now. But it's just more opportunity to dev stuff for Mortals πŸ˜…

Anyways, found this page that answers the question about Strike: strike.me/faq/whereisstrikesup

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Saturday morning in the Netherlands, time for your link to the LinkedIn post of the board meeting of Podcasting 2.0.

Give it a thumbs up, send it to your CEO, educate your colleagues. You know the drill.


@dave I'm looking at the sqlite3 download and it doesn't seem to have a 'description' column or the associated categories. Are they only available through the API?

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I thought the 'no results found' message was too boring and not very effective.

When the Index didn't return any results for the search, I'll just grab some random feeds from the trending endpoint. Way better I think!

@dave Looking at the results for '/search/byterm' with 'q=Cooking' (for example), it doesn't seem to be 'ordered by the last-released episode'.

I.e. Number 1 result: released latest episode over a year ago. Number 2: about a week ago. And result number 6: released one 2 days ago.

Also, the results didn't change / update while testing the last few days. I do cache the response, but only for 5 minutes for testing.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Is the podcast namespace brought by PodcastIndex (and already supported by many apps and services) that important? Listen NOW to @evoterra podcast now to understand why it is! ✊

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@StevenB @adam @dave You said you're open to it, so I'll give it.

Unfortunately, that design looks outdated, like from the time when everyone learned how to make gel buttons and outer glows in Photoshop and we were still designing websites with tables and images.

I suggest removing gradients, shadows, and glows; and enhancing the contrast of elements.

Oh, looks like @papabenen said similar.

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You cannot monetize the Network: "Spotify Stock Drops as Analysts Critique Podcasts"

#podcasting2.0 #podcastindex.org l.curry.com/fs1

Did some work on the feed search detail page, with a player for recent episode (or trailer, if available) and more.

My challenge for tonight was auto matching the title color with the image..

Dealing with the content is a challenge as well: Hotlink protected images, CORS stuff, Crazy Ass Long Titles, Crazy Ass Long Descriptions with Weird Mark Up, etc.

Having a blast with this! I'll put it online somewhere next week for testing. (Or for @adam to break it πŸ˜…)

2AM.. let's call it a day ✌️

@dave Can the search API tell me if a feed in the results is 'Podcasting 2.0 compliant'? Or would I have to check for tags / check the feed xml?

Kinda lost track of time.. But did get the pagination for search results working (always a challenge) and a first setup for feed detail page, including most recent episodes.

Mobile friendly ofcourse and some basic caching in place.

Tomorrow I'll work on including search results for recent episodes and listing recent episodes by category. And plenty details to work on, for sure! ✌️

@dave The '/search/byterm' endpoint returns a max of 25 results by default. And max 60 results when including the 'max' parameter of 100. Is this correct?

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Check this out. I just pulled transactions from Episode 42 of PC20 and generated an income chart:

As a first project I thought it would be fun to make site for searching the Podcast Index. Quick and dirty, but got it working pretty quickly.

Next up: detail page for the feeds and have results for episodes as well :)

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Some minor changes:
- TipJar has been renamed to Creator Support
- you can still send small amounts of sats to the creators, but at least 1000 sats is required to include a message.

@dave Here's my first question about the API.

So the 'Podcasts by Tag' endpoint 'returns all feeds that support the specified podcast namespace tag'.

Looks like the required parameter 'podcast-value' is a boolean. (true or ommit)

How to specify the tag or tags I want to filter on?

I've been looking for a new challenge, something to apply my skills to and get excited about.. I've got plenty of free time and love coding.. Podcasting 2.0 looks like a perfect opportunity!

Listening to @adam and @dave on the Podcasting 2.0 show got me very excited, great stuff guys :)

Getting familiar with the API while creating a Laravel package for it. Let's see what we can cook up with it 😎

I think I should start podcasting myself now too, right? Best way to figure stuff out..

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