My new partner in podcasting crime @Pheonix420ValhallaVixenofThe42 and I have a podcast called The Lotus Podcast, a show about spirituality and ascending to a higher plane.

Our first episode dropped, entitled: First Date. A little rough around the edges, admittedly, but we hope you'll enjoy it!

And yes, we are Podcasting 2.0 compliant, including Value for Value streaming.

For those who are using Wordpress + Powerpress to power their podcast, how can you add in streaming sat value tags?

I made a valiant effort to explain Value for Value on my second appearance on Vinnie Tortorich’s Fitness Confidential podcast, which actually has quite a bit of reach. I need to get my pitch a little more succinct, but not bad for a first try. Even got an @adam mention in (near the end of this clip)

Cc: @dave

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I don't have time for directories. That's why I use an Index.

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Hey @mitch bug report with making clips: while trying to verify I've actually clipped the right segment, doing a number of start/stops, the timecode does not always advance reliably during playback. I also see it on the lockscreen as well. Can't see a pattern to it just yet...

@mitch related: I was able to get a “renew” link to show up by logging out and back in. However, tapping on said link does nothing.

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Hey @mitch this is what happens when you try and make clips with an expired account. Not such a great UX here. Any update on the issue with subscription I reported?

Hey @mitch is there a way to pay you directly and not have to give 30% to Tim Apple?

Not sure if this is something in No Agenda 1382 chapters @Drebscott or this is a display error in Podverse @mitch

Ok @playapod has a really weird issue in iOS 14.8: it will only play audio in the foreground. Won’t play when I put the screen to sleep.

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Podcast with people all over the world is really eye opening and will lead to less discrimination, more understanding and a more open people.

Not a bad bit of formula propagation, getting Vinnie to retweet a mention of @dave @adam

Hey @francosolerio the feed for Tom Woods isn’t properly updating in the app. I know the feed is updated as I can see it in other apps. Deleting and re-adding the podcast causes it to update, but then the podcast shows up *twice* in my subscriptions.

Weird playlist issue @francosolerio. I have a playlist configured as attached. When new podcasts are downloaded, they are added to this playlist on the top. Shouldn’t they be added on the bottom or at least based on the sort settings?

Ok @francosolerio this is weird. Trying to add “priority podcasts” and it’s showing duplicates. Every one is exists as duplicates in Podcast Index (I checked). Also the app is crashing at random when I scroll through this list.

And now we have a weird search issue @dave

I’m trying to find a podcast called “The Movement Movement”. Yes, that’s the name. Here’s the feed:
Wasn’t coming up in search so tried to add it. Can’t because it already exists in the index.

A similar search on Apple’s index brings the podcast right up.

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