Weird bug @hypercatcher every time I refresh, the “With Adam Curry” feed always loads “new” episodes (no new episodes). Possibly related: some “subscribed” podcasts won’t load on refresh until I toggle subscribed/unsubscribed.

And we’re back to listening to podcasts at 1.5X in iOS 14.3 without using Overcast. 😬

One of the more pleasant "surprise" Buzzsprout features is being able to make these. @tomrossi7

Despite the issues with playback of podcasts at speed of anything but 1x speed in the current iOS 14.3 beta, Overcast handles it fine.

Really don’t want to be using Overcast precisely because I am not a Marco fan for…reasons…but it is one of the more popular podcast apps and I need to see how my own podcasts look in it anyway.

There’s a reason I moved away from SoundCloud as a podcast host.

Paging @podverse @dave episodes are showing up twice. Note that I switched from SoundCloud to Buzzsprout hosting after S02E33. Wondering if the 301 redirect that SoundCloud is throwing for my feed URL is causing this duplication (possibly in the index). It’s broken a few other apps as well. 😬

Is @podcastaddict here? Not sure where you’re getting the RSS feed for CheckMates Go from but it’s still showing the old SoundCloud feed, not the Buzzsprout one. Something with 301 redirect handling, perhaps? (And yeah, don’t get me started on that, not my choice)

I just moved one of my podcasts over to Buzzsprout which has pretty nice analytics.

It is...sad just how much traffic comes from Apple's podcast app. This will be an interesting stat to track.

@hypercatcher but it’s not just you: even the Apple app doesn’t play at 1.5X anymore.

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Another thing to add to your list @hypercatcher: iOS 14.3 beta completely breaks listening to podcasts at 1.5X. It just plays at normal speed.

Viewing The Doctor’s Pharmacy feed pretty consistently crashes @hypercatcher

Podcast refresh is about a billion times faster now @hypercatcher but…Podcast 2.0 showed up twice and a few podcasts lost their artwork.

For anyone who's here from Buzzsprout, why the hell isn't an iframe embed just one of the options you provide by default? Why is it a "contact support" option, or at least publicly documented what it is?

That crash bug has returned when I refresh podcasts @hypercatcher but it usually doesn’t happen twice in a row. Wondering if I should delete/reinstall and reimport OPML.

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"If you cannot add a podcast feed manually, then that is not a podcast player and you should not rely on it for your podcast." — @adam #noagenda 1280

Some from Buzzsprout here? I have a couple questions about your service.

Have a few more bugs for you @hypercatcher:

1. The app often forgets what podcast episodes I've deleted.

2. Some of my podcasts that I imported via that OPML aren't showing up in the Newest/Oldest List unless I manually add them, which seems to get forgotten.

3. The app will show 1x even though it's playing at 1.5x.

4. (Not really a bug but an RFE): Maybe don't try and add every episode of every podcast imported from an OPML. Some of those podcast feeds have a lot of episodes.

Not sure where the transcripts are coming from @martin but…yeah, they need some work with the No Agenda opening.

Also, is there an option for 1.5X speed for playback yet?

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