I’ll admit, I hadn’t intended to get into my weight loss journey here as I tend to keep my Podcast Index account mostly about podcasting.

But, if you’re interested, I recorded a podcast a few weeks ago with someone I’ve worked with for quite a while. We talked about my weight loss journey and the episode dropped today. I’ll probably release parts of it on the PhoneBoy Speaks feed if I can ever get around to pulling it up in Audacity.


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@hermanskledar @phoneboy I used to weigh 210 pounds and then I got sick back in 2015. I now can’t get over 140 no matter what I eat. My diet is mostly starch and saturated fats with a little bit of protein. The saturated/unsaturated ratio and scd1 controls lipid storage even when insulin is low.

Basically, the science of metabolism and fat storage is extremely complicated. Anyone that tells you they know exactly how it works is either underinformed or dishonest.

Weight Loss is as Simple as Reducing Insulin. That’s certainly my experience, anyway.


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“Screw Apple, boost us!” — @adam on Podcasting 2.0 Ep 34

Podfriend on iOS loads to a white screen now @martin and just hangs there 😬

So @mitch interesting data point on the “podcast shows up twice in the queue” problem.

Sometimes I’ll see the podcast I’m playing be the next item in the queue (i.e. it shows up twice). If I make a change to the playlist, the repeated item disappears.

Still don’t know what precise behavior is causing the problem, of course.

Somehow I thought the podcast namespace had a category tag (I mean, other than itunes:category). Did I imagine this @dave?

Hey @Todd_Blubrry I thought 3000x3000 artwork was ok, why is your feed validator flagging that as an issue?

I know why it flags Cloudflare as an issue. Mostly because some backends can't handle TLS SNI correctly, despite the fact it's been a standard for years.

Yeah, I probably hit the "update" endpoint a few too many times this evening @dave, I was "fixing" my RSS feed.

“Apple Music’s payment rate for artists and labels is fundamentally a penny per stream, according to a letter from the company posted on its artist dashboard and first reported by the Wall Street Journal. That payment rate is higher than Spotify, which has a confusing variable rate scheme that basically tops out at a half-penny per stream.”

Sounds like a huge opportunity for Podcasting 2.0 Value for Value streaming, if you ask me.

Alright @martin I gotta think you’ll handle the podcast part better than Breez. 😬

Some handle jigging on the backend related to this podcast may be necessary @mitch

So @tomrossi7 any chance you'll implement the value tag on Buzzsprout?

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