Decentralize the web. Podcasting death-knells some the centralized/totalitarian corporate networks. Combine somewhat with something like Peertube, and BitTorrent, plus anonymity. Facebook/Twitter/Youtube: are effectively The Man in Drag ... and not the fun sort of drag. I've mostly averted my gaze from (road) Apfel.

A Kodi plugin should be trivial, guesstimating. regrettably, my old FORTRAN training did not take (near 50 ears ago, for either a D or an F ... it was not my best moment), so it'd seem another might better serve, than my good intentions.

@pither1952 Quite surprising that one doesn’t already exist for this platform!

As I sent via email (yes, I'm 'older'):

A Kodi plugin/addon, to make adaption much quicker, easier. Should be trivial for those cognoscenti.

This is request for/from/by a poor LUSER sort.

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