We are adding Podcast Index to our Playapod app shortly. We have been wanting to do this for months but nothing like big tech censorship to make it a higher priority. Playapod is free, no ads, and available for iOS, Android, and Web. Thanks for making this service! We'll let you know when it's fully implemented. Cheers

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@playapod @adam
Could you post the Android Apk file on your website for direct download? I use F-Droid no Google

@johoshua @adam Yeah that's something we will consider doing. At the moment, the iOS/Android versions uses Google Firebase for cross-platform syncing and other small stuff. We have been moving functionality off their platform over the past year. Once we are completely off then I see no reason why we wouldn't be able to release the APK directly.

@playapod Congratulations! Would you also consider please using a better HTTP useragent than "OKhttp/4.70"? It makes it really hard for podcasters to know where their traffic is coming from.

@jamescridland I'll let the team know. It should be set to Playapod but they are still integrating. Cheers

@jamescridland Are you using the Android or iOS app? Or did you mean the requests to the podcast index which would come from our php server.

@playapod @jamescridland I think he's seeing your user-agent when the app requests the enclosure download for his Podnews podcast.

@dave @jamescridland OK thanks. We'll get it fixed asap as it's suppose to be Playapod/(Version)

@dave @jamescridland Just confirmed that it is the enclosure download. Looks like the RSS feed download sets the user agent correctly. Thanks for letting us know. Cheers

@playapod The RSS request, which you make directly to my RSS feed, don't you? You can see it echoed back at the end of the description for the Podnews podcasting news podcast.

@jamescridland We'll get that fixed too. And use your feed to verify. Cheers

@playapod I'm liking this app.

Open source is very important to me, so it's hard to find apps that have the resources to adopt the index in these early stages.

The Value tag will be a huge bonus for the os producers (phew).

Any reason for you're not on fdroid? Fdroid is far more appealing than 'store' even with aurora...

@playapod maybe I just realised... is this to do with a Google contract / tie in?

@AmorphousContinuum I just learned about Fdroid and I'm not familiar with their policies for publishing apps. Playapod uses Google firebase for push notifications, cross-platform syncing, crash reporting, etc... We are pushing out an update now that will make PodcastIndex the default search provider.

@playapod yeah, it was the default for me.

Fwiw I go for fdroid because it gives details of *how* open source an app is, and gives a repo I feel I can trust.

Just an APK requires too much trust for me :(

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