Playapod 2.3 has been released and includes PodcastIndex for search (default). iOS is still waiting for review but should be released shortly. Website also updated to go against PodcastIndex. Who should I contact about getting Playapod listed on the Apps page? Thanks!

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@playapod If you go to the web-ui repo in the Podcast Index org on GitHub you can add yourself there. You can see how the format works in the JSON. Also add an app icon.

Ping here if you need any help with the format. You can just do a PR and I’ll merge.

@playapod Congratulations, that's nice. The website's a shame - no playing without registration; no registration without downloading the app. Would be great to relax some of that.

@jamescridland It's on the list. Web features lag behind the mobile apps as it isn't our forte.

@jamescridland Hey, just wanted to let you know we updated the website for playback without registration. Also, you can now register on the website and not even use the mobile app. Cheers

@playapod I can vouch for this, been using it for the last week or two.
Works nice, and uses the index by default.

Gets a 'good work fella' from me, that's for sure.
Is also looking to get listed on fdroid, which will be great for all wanting to get otg.

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