@phoneboy So you want it to stop playing after one episode but navigate to the next in the list?

@phoneboy That makes sense. You can long press the play button to repeat a single episode and use the sleep timer to fade audio out at a custom duration. Does that work?

@MrDaniel Why not just lower the volume of the Mac? Or are you mixing with other audio?

@Kulak Yes, you can share what your listening to from the full screen media playing. Share button is on the toolbar. We are actually greatly improving that in the next release which will allow sharing specific episodes and timecode. Hopefully be released next week!

@phoneboy We recently added a repeat-1 by long pressing the play button.

@phoneboy Why not use the sleep timer in Playapod? It's our favorite feature. Slowly fades audio out for the last minute.

@phoneboy It's an old setting that we should have probably gotten rid of. I think it stops and stays on current track so you would have to hit the next button.

Playapod is featuring No Agenda, Moe Factz, and PodNews on our website and app. Any other friends here have a podcast they would like featured? Let us know!

@jamescridland Hey, just wanted to let you know we updated the website for playback without registration. Also, you can now register on the website and not even use the mobile app. Cheers

What's the most used/important podcasting 2.0 tags to integrate first?

@steven @dave @drunkplato Came here to say this. Tsacdrop has extra comma in the supportedElements array.

@jamescridland It's on the list. Web features lag behind the mobile apps as it isn't our forte.

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