If you want to test 'Search by person', it's now implemented and available in Podcast Addict latest Beta.

@dave is there a limit to the number of returned results? I'm passing this argument '&max=100' but keep getting up to 60 results for some reasons no matter what I search for

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@podcastaddict I think 60 is the max. Do you need 100? I can increase.

@dave my different searches are capped at 100 so if this isn't an issue yes that would be great

@podcastaddict I've been known to push code directly to production. Because I'm a lunatic, and kind of lazy. 🙂

@dave is there a plan to add a criteria like '&role=guest's to the search by person? Users can then search for a creator, guest or any other role

@podcastaddict @dave That's super nice, and going into Podnews today. "PEOPLE" would be probably the right word, rather than "PERSONS". (Please feel free to correct me on my French, btw!)

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