@dave Hey, is there a way to get a list of RSS feeds supporting the person tag at the episode level? I failed to find a single one for now

@podcastaddict That tag isn't formalized yet until 1/31, so I only know of 1 or 2 that put it in for testing. I can get you those.

@dave I checked the feed and for the role/group attributes they are referring to the taxonomy document instead of adding just the string value. Is this possibility part of the specs: role="Taxonomy.person.writing.roles.author.label" ?

@podcastaddict Yes, it's part of the spec, but will probably be very rare.

A more simple example is Andy's feed:


@dave I only saw the json file. Is there another file to solve something like that: Taxonomy.person.writing.roles.author.label ?

@podcastaddict That's a wierd way of specifying that.

@benjaminbellamy What syntax are you using in this? Is this some kind of dot notation down through the JSON?

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