@dave @js do if the number of new install isn't enough to balance the number of uninstall then that might explain this kind of trend. Also a lot of very old Android devices stopped working this week so that kind explain the trend as well

@dave @js the search results for the 'podcast' keyword on the Google play store have changed a lot recently. Google put itself 1st from the start of course, then Spotify is now 2nd pushing down dedicated podcast players that have been there for a long time. Prior to that the top results were definitely based on the app description, popularity, rating and stability. Now that doesn't seem to be the case anymore and if you're not in the top 2 to 3 result then you barely get any install

@dave The simpleWatcher script seems to support this as well. I'm using the parameter that allows to replay that past X hours

@dave Is the fix for the simple watcher? I'm using a version of that script and didn't experience any crash

@dave I'm using podping, websub and smart polling to try to push episodes faster to the app

@dave @csb the medium tag could be useful at the podcast / episode / chapter level so the podcast / episode / chapter can be automatically played at 1.0x even though the app or the podcast is set to be played as a faster speed. Other audio effects can also be disabled automatically based on this (skip silence, force Mono, ...)

@dave @theDanielJLewis this is similar on android BUT the store listing shows the list of all permissions asked by an app and this will definitely be an issue. I will never ask for this permission. The device camera app already reads qr codes so all we need to is agree on a domain name, pattern, scheme that all app can implement. Using the guid would be a good idea to keep the url even in case of a RSS feed change

@theDanielJLewis I don't think this is a good solution as in order to work, the app would have to include a qr code scanner which means asking permission to access the camera. This will be a red flag for a lot of users as podcast apps shouldn't have access to the camera. This should work through the url opened by the default camera app, that's why this feature should use a unified domain or scheme so every app can implement this

@dave @agates I understand the appeal to have a unique URL / QRCode that allows to share a podcast and to subscribe anywhere by simply opening the url/scanning the code but it doesn't look like this is the purpose of the fast follow

@dave @agates Thanks for the information. I think I understand what this is doing, but I still don't see what the difference is between this and all the existing URL sharing methods. I come from an Andorid developer background, so I don't know how iOS handle this. The podcast scheme (or pcast) has already been used for quite a while to share RSS feeds

I'm not sure to understand the purpose of the fast follow urls / QR codes. I thought this would be a unique URL that would work on every app that implements this, but that doesn't seem to be the case at all.
What's the point of those urls compared to existing subcription urls / eep links / QR codes?

@Chrisk @Chalona
This is available in the free version as well. You can set the app to play the local file file it's being downloaded in settings/download

@agates for now the app will just use the highest quality file or the smallest one based on the user Settings. Files that don't match the default episode type (like a video file for an audio episode) will be ignored for now. Maybe later I'll add a way to open them manually from the episode description. I think the main use case for now will be to lower the data usage and storage space

@dave I tested with the Podnews feed but if you have other feeds I'm interested

Next version of Podcast Addict will support the Alternate Enclosure tag. A first beta should be available by tomorrow


@dukem sorry but the app can only available from the Google Play Store. This will not change

@dukem @mh of course the app doesn't insert any audio ad. It just shows a small ad banner at the bottom of the screen. Audio ads are provided by the podcasts

@dave This hosting platform is blocking connections based on a mix of useragent and something else. They have been doing so for years. Their feeds are valid but it looks like they only want them to be accessed from apple podcast

@keunes @dave
There's no restriction here in the free version. Please send me an email so I can gather more information (Settings/Feedback)

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