People should only make podcasts out of love. If you do it to make money or be famous, you're going to have a bad time.

That goes not just for podcasters, but Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, etc. They're not doing it for love, they're doing it for money, and they're having a bad time.

Podcasting — REAL podcasting, not exclusives — resists monetization. The only way to make money in podcasting is if your audience loves you.

@podverse To gently push back - you're right, of course you can make a podcast that you don't directly monetise.

That doesn't mean that you should criticise those that wish to produce self-sustaining creativity in whatever form they wish.

The world of podcasting is big enough for everyone. Those that don't do it "your" way aren't wrong: just doing it a different way.

@jamescridland my point isn't to criticize people for "doing it a different way", but to warn people that, if you don't love podcasting for its own sake, and your goal is to become rich and famous, you're likely going to have a bad time because the open cross-platform nature of podcasting resists monetization more than traditional exclusive media.


@jamescridland this is especially evident with big tech attempts to takeover podcasting. Because these companies are purely financially driven, they don't want real podcasting to exist, and would rather redefine it to be indistinguishable from legacy media.

If a Spotify exclusive series is a "podcast", then why not call every exclusive series on Netflix a "podcast" as well? Do we let "podcast" degrade to mean merely "a talk show"? If we lose the meaning then on some level we lose the innovation

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@podverse I don't believe that "real" podcasting is the thing you want it to be. I prefer to be driven by audience needs, not by idealism.

If RSS is a worse experience for podcasts than a proprietary feed, it deserves to die. What excites me about this group is that we are innovating using RSS, not building proprietary walls. I believe open podcasting is the best solution; but it is fragile.

@jamescridland hey fair enough, this is just our stance as an organization, but it’s a core tenet that guides all our decision making.

We’re not married to RSS btw, but rather podcasting as open cross-platform media. That requires some kind of open standard, whether it be RSS or something else.

@podverse No issue with you having a core tenent that guides your decision-making.

I do have an issue when it turns from "we do things this way" into "you're wrong for doing things that way".

@jamescridland I probably didn't phrase it the best way. I didn't mean it as "you're wrong" but rather "if you pursue podcasting for money more than love, the monetization resistant nature of podcasting will likely lead to it being a bad experience for you".

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