There was some confusion over how to turn on notifications in @podverse. All you have to do is click on the bell icon on the top of the each podcast.

@ChadF @podverse

Huh, I don't have a bell on mine. Version 4.4.2 from F-Droid.

@fiberdrive @ChadF sorry, notifications are not supported on F-Droid yet. We will have to deploy a separate self-hosted FOSS notification system (UnifiedPush) to support them on F-Droid. I’m hoping other open source developers can help us do that because we don’t have experience with it, and it seems like a lot of work.


@fiberdrive @ChadF as much as I love F-Droid, it can be a lot of extra work compared to the Apple / Google Play ecosystem. It gets overwhelming sometimes. Hoping more people will step in to contribute to Podverse someday.

@podverse @fiberdrive I was able to install the lasted version from the Aurora Store on my GrapheneOS phone. Thats a compromise if you don’t want to use the google play store.

@ChadF @fiberdrive someone reported issues with the Aurora version recently. I think they couldn’t download episodes? We don’t officially support it, but if it works for you with notifications that’s great. Please lmk if you run into any issues with it.

@podverse @fiberdrive I was able to download episodes but I can’t turn on the notifications in the app but that might be a GrapheneOS issue.

@ChadF @podverse if GrapheneOS is a de-googled phone, that may be the issue? I don't know much about how notifications work on Android. I always assumed it was an app locally pushing a notification.

@fiberdrive @ChadF ahh makes sense…we’re using Firebase for notifications and it’s a Google product 🙈 it’s easy for Android, and one of the only ways to do notifications on iOS.

We want something FOSS and self-hosted, but it’s more complex, will need maintenance, and will have different bugs and outages compared to Firebase. We can do it, but don’t have the bandwidth for probably a couple months.

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