"Get a modern podcast app."

Podverse lets you sync your listening history across iOS, Android, F-Droid, and web.

Clip featuring @adam and @dave from Podcasting 2.0.

Get a modern podcast app at

@podverse will there be android auto support? Love the app, just curious. Thanks!

@Kruback we'd love to add Android Auto support...but the open source audio library we're using doesn't support it. The devs told us it would be a ton of work, and it's not on their road map right now. So unfortunately we don't know when we'll be able to support Android Auto 😕

@podverse okay, thanks for the reply. Still love using podverse.

Need a Linux native app for me to be interesting 👍
Best case mobile and desktop friendly.

@chfkch we might be able to port the website into a desktop app for Linux (using something like Electron). I don’t think we can port the mobile app into Linux though.

I’m not sure what would be different about using the desktop app though compared to the existing website. Do you have feature requests for desktop?

No request particular for a desktop version, I just like to keep things integrated with all the different clients.
I will try out your so app soon and maybe I will comment more on this.

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