New feature: ⚡️ will now show up next to Bitcoin Lightning enabled podcasts (if you accept the V4V terms).

Compatible with wallets like

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@podverse I see the ⚡ on my work computer that doesn't have Alby installed. Obviously I know I can't boost without it, I just get a pop up when I hit the button that says an extension isn't installed.

@ChadF so you don’t need a wallet to see the ⚡️ you just need to accept the V4V terms. Did you do that? When you press accept we save a cookie that remembers you accepted.

@podverse I'm sure I did. I was just curious if it was synced across devices or not since I've only used it at home.

@ChadF it is not synced across devices. You actually don’t even have to be logged in to Podverse to use the V4V feature.

@podverse Are there plans to expand the new Lightning feature to the iOS app?

@middle_age_dev we’d love to, but we’ll need a Bitcoin Lightning service that supports keysend that we can integrate with that won’t require us to be custodians of people’s wallets. Afaik no such service exists yet.

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