Now testing video livestreams on the Podverse website ⚠️ can someone verify if it works?

The livestream is broadcasting from from our peertube instance

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@steven is the livestream still working now by chance? I still have it streaming through OBS...but I can't play the video on our PeerTube anymore...I can't tell if this is just a local issue or not.

@podverse not anymore.

I'm was getting a Privacy error when loading the podverse website but it is gone now.

@steven the privacy error was probably because I just deployed an update to the website, and there's a temporary SSL issue while it deploys.

Ok it seems like there is an issue on my local machine causing livestreaming to fail. The website itself seems to work for desktop.

@steven if you have a chance to test Chrome for Android, the stream should be back up (for like 2 minutes)

@steven w000t, that's great news! it's still not working on iOS Safari for me though

@podverse That was Chrome on Windows. It doesn't seem to load in Chrome on Android.

@steven is it still loading on Chrome on Windows? I can't get it to load in any browser now :[

@newslinet the mobile app needs an update for livestreams. I only worked on the website so far. I’ll try to get mobile video livestreams working this weekend.

@newslinet that's because I stopped the test livestream. I wanted to let it run continuously, but it seems to fail after ~2 minutes on my local machine.

Anyway I just started the stream again. Give it another try?

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