Are you aware of any WebLN addons that work with Firefox mobile (Mull browser)?
Just signed up for premium trial and wasn't aware it would require Alby.

@dowodenum sorry I don’t know. The beauty of WebLN is it’s an open standard and can be compatible with any app, but I’m not aware if anyone has made a WebLN extension for Firefox yet. If you find one please let us know!

@dowodenum ahh my bad. Well the WebLN website mentions a few apps. webln.dev/

I hadn't tried any except Alby, but I saw:

"BlueWallet - a mobile wallet with a WebLN browser"

So I just tried sending a boost from Podverse using BlueWallet's web browser...but it didn't work :(

It seems BlueWallet's web browser either:

1) doesn't set the webln object on the window variable, or

2) doesn't support keysend


Are there any BlueWallet devs here who can comment?


@dowodenum I sent an email to BlueWallet asking if they support WebLN + keysend, and a person responded saying they don't have plans of supporting it, and "WebLN as a concept kind of didnt take off, so Id suggest to avoid it." 😦

Since we added WebLN integration already, there's no real overhead for us to keep it going, so we'll keep it as long as any wallets support it.

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@podverse @dowodenum I think the initial WebLN was first released in 2019 - so quite a while ag - And it is true, that for various reasons it had initially stalled a bit. The lightning network had to grow and become more stable and usable.
Now we are at the stage where we can build apps on lightning like the podcasting 2.0 apps. And we also see a growing interest of building lightning integrated web apps.
So things are happening, still a young but growing space.

@bumi @podverse @dowodenum I still really want a static resolution option for resolving .well-known to a pubkey for keysend.

@dave @podverse @dowodenum yep, more options is better. I would also think it is nice that the value tag supports default lightning addresses.

this is about how an app gets the recipient details...
we will use webln to interact with the wallet and trigger the payment stream from apps like podverse.

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