Calling all Podverse users with Android 9 and below 🗣

Have you tried using SD card storage with Podverse? To set it up you'd go to More > Settings > Downloads > Save on external storage card.

If you have, can you please verify if it downloads files into your SD card?

We have a major fix in the next release for SD cards on Android 10+...but I'm unsure if our Android 9 SD card feature is also broken.

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Is it available in FDroid, and if so do their repos have your latest?

@Economic_Hitman it is, and F-Droid should have the latest…but last night I had to delete F-Droid Store and reinstall it because it was stuck on Podverse 4.5.11 even though latest is 4.5.15.

Just installed 4.5.15 from FDroid,
set sd card downloads,
wasn't prompted to pick a location...
I'm assuming it would go in

but it's not there.

@Economic_Hitman ok thanks for trying it. What version of Android OS do you have?

@Economic_Hitman ahh ok. Well that might be good news actually, as it means our new process shouldn’t break Android 9 (it’s already broke) and we can see if the new SD card process in Podverse v4.6.0 will work on Android 9. Thanks for your help.

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