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One of the most popular requests we've been getting is adding support for live chat during live streams. This would be a killer feature, but we're constrained by the fact there isn't an official 2.0 namespace for it yet.

It's also a complex issue. For ex. if a podcast uses IRC, then a user will need to log into each individual chat room. Not a great UX. But if a podcast uses XMPP or Matrix then they could log in once and join any server with the same federated account


Our preference at the moment would be XMPP, because it is a federated chat solution that is much simpler to integrate than Matrix (according to what I've heard). That said, we know we need to meet podcasters and listeners where they are at, so we're also open to IRC and/or Matrix if people can help define a path forward for us.

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@podverse one thing on the side of @matrix is that it can be a hub for other protocols too: for example, all of @liberachat is bridged and other #IRC servers could be too. Some quick reading makes it seem similar may be true for #XMPP.

@technicalissues @podverse @matrix @liberachat Another thing to consider is that IRC and XMPP are internet standards and not dependend on any single vendor. Matrix is just another IM product of a single startup and not submitted or published by any standards body.

@podverse @kaip @technicalissues @liberachat nor did we. clearly we’re hallucinating the open standards process at and

@kaip @matrix @podverse @technicalissues @liberachat Having published specifications and having many open servers and clients outright existing seems sufficient! If your only objection is that no formal standards body is involved, that seems like an incredibly weak objection (and also I have some bad news for you about many "standards" that are supported by standards bodies but in practice aren't actually supported in the wild, and also I have some bad news about how "open" many of those standards bodies are...).

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I get the impression there is a disagreement about the semantics of the term "open protocol" here. In any case, we look forward to integrating XMPP, Matrix, and IRC for podcast livestream chat rooms.


FWIW, I guess the real issue is that by and large #Matrix is a one-company show, with no significant drive from other parties. If it were to become more of a real group effort, perhaps with vector taking more of an administration role and letting others drive innovation, there would be less resistance?

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@0 @podverse @kaip @technicalissues @liberachat This is just demonstrably untrue. Well over half the MSCs over the last few years have come from outside the core team, and there are tonnes of other companies contributing:,,, etc. etc. Your information is about 5 years stale.


If that is indeed the case I'll retract my comment. In any case, I feel that if you actually represent the project, a less belligerent attitude would go a long way on the making friends and influencing people front. 😛

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@kaip @technicalissues @podverse @matrix @liberachat

this is wrong, Matrix is regularly published by the Matrix Foundation (
"Internet Standard" is a made up term by the IETF

@KitKat @kaip @technicalissues @podverse @matrix @liberachat and even at the IETF, IRC (to the best of my knowledge) was only ever published as Informational, which doesn't make it an Internet Standard in IETF terms.

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Matrix has made it part of the marketing strategy to say that they're all about providing interoperability and bridges between chat protocols.

The funny thing is, this is largely the same stuff that XMPP people said twenty years ago.

For XMPP, there is Biboumi which is a bridge between IRC and XMPP and which works well.

Besides IRC, are there other platforms that are reliably bridged to Matrix? They stopped making an effort bridging XMPP.

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