The next Podverse release will include an "Added by RSS" indicator.

This lets you know which episodes are available in the Podverse database and support the full range of features...and which are "add by custom RSS" feeds, and don't have full feature support.

Thanks to @technicalissues and @merryoscar for inspiration!

Github issue:

Adding a "Share Chapter" button in Podverse v4.6.6.

This was supposed to work already but apparently I broke it a long time ago 😬

NEW on Podverse web: Brazilian Portuguese translations 🥳

Special thanks to Thiago Rodrigues for translating the whole website 🙏


NEW on Podverse:

Feature tutorials 🥳

We're trying to document how all the main features of Podverse work both in text and with video demos, for both web and mobile apps.

Special thanks to my brother Kyle for leading this initiative.

V4V is now available in Podverse F-Droid beta 🥳

Feedback and help beta testing would be greatly appreciated.

You can download the 4.6.0 beta apk here:

Special thanks to @getAlby for making V4V possible in any app!

Added some bug fixes and UX improvements to the Podverse Embed Player.

Specifically added a loading spinner and some other changes to make the player load incrementally so it's not just a blank space on screen while loading.

NEW: Embed a Podverse player on your website! 🥳

Share a single episode, or a list of all episodes.

Also: change the styles of your player with a customization script.


Video livestreams are now supported in Podverse! 🥳

Download v4.5.5 for iOS and Android for video livestream playback.

They also work on the website *except* for iOS Safari. I'll look into that bug this weekend.

New feature: ⚡️ will now show up next to Bitcoin Lightning enabled podcasts (if you accept the V4V terms).

Compatible with wallets like

Podverse F-Droid release is blocked, and will be for the foreseeable future 😥

The app builds just fine locally, but in our F-Droid pipeline it runs into the error in the screenshot.

I just don't know enough about debugging Android/F-Droid build errors. Spent all night on this one and got nowhere...

Good day for Podverse yesterday 😳

Thanks to everyone helping spread the word 🙏

Livestreams now supported on Podverse web 🎉

Podcasters: Add the "live item" tag to your RSS feed to make your livestream available to every app.


Updated the Podverse feature list! Some notable features:

- Sync your subscriptions, queue, and history across all your devices
- Video playback
- Podcasting 2.0 chapters
- Cross-app comments
- Transcripts
- Create and share podcast clips

All Podverse software is provided under a free and license.

NEW features added to the Podverse chat server:

- workflow diagrams
- like/dislike buttons
- browser notifications

Visit to join!

NEW in Podverse web:

Faster loading times for ActivityPub comments, and user profile images 🎉

Thanks to @js for creating the Threadcap ActivityPub comments library, and for his help fixing our image caching system.

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