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TestFlight iOS beta testers ⚠️

Podverse v4.6.7 build 1712 should now be available on TestFlight. There are some critical fixes for V4V and custom RSS feeds in this release.

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TestFlight iOS beta testers ⚠️

Podverse v4.6.7 build 1712 should now be available on TestFlight. There are some critical fixes for V4V and custom RSS feeds in this release.

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@Lyceum thank you 😊 can you DM the email address you log into your iOS device with?

@10leej @bumi @moritzk creating a bug report in our GitHub repo is best (you’ll also get notifications about progress that way), but you can also report bugs here on the fediverse or any options at podverse.fm/contact

@10leej @bumi @moritzk the new beta version on iOS will be 4.6.7 build 1712. I don’t think Apple has accepted it for beta yet…

@10leej @bumi @moritzk just sent you a TestFlight invite. Thanks for your help 🙏

@10leej are you on iOS or Android? If iOS, you can DM us your phone’s email address, and we’ll add you to our TestFlight beta track. If Android, you can download from the link above.

We don’t have a tutorial for sending sats *into* Alby (maybe @bumi @moritzk do), but we have one for connecting Alby and sending a Boostagram

V4V Demo: peertube.podverse.fm/w/bNMiCMK

Tutorial: podverse.fm/tutorials#v4v

ATTN Podverse beta testers ⚠️

We have some major fixes to V4V going out in the next release, and I'm worried about breaking something 😰

We'd greatly appreciate any help beta testing before going live!

If you have an Android device, you can download the F-Droid v4.6.8 beta APK from:


If you have an iOS device, you can join our TestFlight beta program, but we'll need to wait a few days for Apple to approve our beta release to send it to you :/

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Starting to toy around with op3 after a full week of numbers are in. This is only unique ip hashes for known user agents.

Time to calculate the VPM. 😁

The next Podverse release will include an "Added by RSS" indicator.

This lets you know which episodes are available in the Podverse database and support the full range of features...and which are "add by custom RSS" feeds, and don't have full feature support.

Thanks to @technicalissues and Fountain.fm @merryoscar for inspiration!

Github issue: github.com/podverse/podverse-r

@tertius @GMOdysseys thanks for the helpful feedback all. hey Chris, are there steps you take that consistently reproduce the “downloaded episodes do not show up” issue? Also what app version are you on? iOS Android F-Droid?

We applied a patch for issues with downloaded episodes recently, but if it’s still not working and I can reproduce the issue I might get a fix done today.

@HeyCitizen @getAlby @adam oof there’s a few possibilities. I have some questions to narrow this down…
1) what device type and app version are you using? 2) were you playing P2.0 when that happened? Or was a different episode loaded in the player? 3) Does the V4V Alby screen show your sats in your wallet? 4) Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting your wallet?

@suorcd while investigating that though, I found out our "unsubscribe from custom RSS feeds" feature was super messed up. I'd delete a custom RSS podcast, and 3 copies of it would show up 😂

That seems to be fixed after this code change github.com/podverse/podverse-r

@suorcd alright...I was able to reproduce the bug *one time*, but then couldn't. Our OPML parser seems to work fine...

I did however increase the timeout on the requests for custom RSS feeds from 20 to 30 seconds. I'm not sure this will actually fix your issue...


I also wonder if something weird / invalid got saved into your app data somehow. If that's the case you might have to delete / reinstall to clear it :(

@CrimeaRiver ohh ok gotcha. Podverse syncs with the Podcast Index, so either there’s something wrong in our code, or these podcasts just take that long for PI to discover new episodes.

If a podcast is Podping enabled then Podcast Index detects the updates immediately (it’s the best). If it doesn’t use Podping, then PI has to guess and check when new episodes are out.

Anyway this might be an issue to report to @dave from PI

@CrimeaRiver @adam hmm is auto-download not working at all for you then in Podverse? Or sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t? Or is the issue that episodes are appearing later in Podverse than they do in Google Podcasts?

@CrimeaRiver do you have auto-downloads turned on for the podcasts you want auto-downloaded in Podverse? Here’s a tutorial if not: podverse.fm/tutorials#toggle-a

Also, something we don’t support yet is auto-downloading while the app is in the background. However when you open Podverse, it should begin auto-downloading the newest episodes since you last opened the app.

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