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@dave We published a new features page today and happily mentioned Podcasting 2.0 Go Podcasting!

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For the last couple days I have been thinking that I wish I could embed one of our episodes from a 2.0 player that displays chapters on our website. Today I decided to give it a try with @podverse and it works great!

Added bonus, the Podverse theme looks great with our website layout. 💙🙌

@mitch #NewPodcastApps #podcast #podcasts

NEW in Podverse mobile 4.5.2:

- Fix bugs with opening notifications.

- Fix our XMPP live-chat addresses on the Contact page.

- Disable the "NSFW filter" by default in Settings.

App Store:

Google Play:

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There was some confusion over how to turn on notifications in @podverse. All you have to do is click on the bell icon on the top of the each podcast.

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No F-Droid release yet though. We may need help from the open source / F-Droid community to get a self-hosted UnifiedPush instance working.

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Big announcement!

Livestream notifications have been added to Podverse iOS and Android 🥳

Podcasters can now broadcast live to all podcast apps by adding the Podcasting 2.0 live item tag to their RSS feed.

"New episode" notifications have also been added.


App Store:

Google Play:

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Here’s a highlight using Podverse from SLIEK #22: Chapter 34 - More Shoutouts

In this chapter we talk about the awesome features that @podverse has been adding like video and live item tags!

Get a 2.0 app like Podverse and check out the full episode!

@mitch #newpodcastapps #podcast #podcasts #podcasting #podcasters #streamers #video #livestream #contentcreators

Thank you @jamescridland and @samsethi for sharing the Podverse livestream announcement on Podland! 🙏

Mobile app livestream support coming soon…

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Here’s a highlight using Podverse from SLIEK #21: Chapter 20 - Podverse Supports Video Podcasts

Get a 2.0 app like @podverse and check out the full episode!

#podcast #podcasts #podcasting #newpodcastapps #video #clip

Livestreams now supported on Podverse web 🎉

Podcasters: Add the "live item" tag to your RSS feed to make your livestream available to every app.


No plans to allow open sign-ups right now. We added it mainly so we can share video demos in a self-hosted, FOSS, federation-friendly, optimally-transcoded way, and get more familiar with what PeerTube can do.

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Created a PeerTube instance for Podverse last night. It's amazing how easy it was. Took ~15 minutes to deploy and config using Cloudron 1-click install.

@Meremortals @brianoflondon Brian's 3Speak videos seem to play in sync in the Apple native player no problem. Does Apple just have serious playback issues with some types of video encoding?

I didn't make a video for it, but these videos work fine.

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Discovered an *atrocious* bug with video playback on iOS Safari, Mac Safari, and iOS mobile apps. Has anyone seen this before?

The audio and video tracks fall out of sync for *some* videos after seeking to a time when played through the native Apple video player.

Is anyone familiar with this? Any ideas for what we can do to fix it?

This is a disaster for our video podcast playback on iOS, and it seems like it's out of our control 😖


@Meremortals @brianoflondon

NEW on Podverse Web: browse clips in video only mode 🎉

Create and share clips of video podcasts with Podverse.

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