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LOVING the look and feel when opening podverse app now. Also glad for the playback speed y'all added between 1 and 1.25. The 1.12 speed seems to be a good sweet spot. Best freaking podcast app in the universe. Great job y'all

Calling all Podverse users with Android 9 and below 🗣

Have you tried using SD card storage with Podverse? To set it up you'd go to More > Settings > Downloads > Save on external storage card.

If you have, can you please verify if it downloads files into your SD card?

We have a major fix in the next release for SD cards on Android 10+...but I'm unsure if our Android 9 SD card feature is also broken.

Podverse co-founder Mitch Downey was on Podland News discussing livestreams in podcast apps (LIT 🔥), value-4-value, and Podcasting 2.0.

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SLIEK #25: Chapter 42 - Value4Value

Value4Value doesn’t have to be sent with bitcoin, apps like @podverse use the “Funding Tag” so you can send USD with PayPal to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to the full episode with Podverse! ⤵️

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Today I got curious about the number of finalized elements vs which apps and hosts supported the elements. I quickly threw together a couple of tables. This was just me being curious. Thought I'd share.
I gathered data from and total number of finalized from here
(Please excuse me if I missed something obvious when gathering this data and tossing it together.) @dave

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@podverse @dowodenum I think the initial WebLN was first released in 2019 - so quite a while ag - And it is true, that for various reasons it had initially stalled a bit. The lightning network had to grow and become more stable and usable.
Now we are at the stage where we can build apps on lightning like the podcasting 2.0 apps. And we also see a growing interest of building lightning integrated web apps.
So things are happening, still a young but growing space.

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Added some bug fixes and UX improvements to the Podverse Embed Player.

Specifically added a loading spinner and some other changes to make the player load incrementally so it's not just a blank space on screen while loading.

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SLIEK #25: Chapter 28 - Alby Lightning Wallet

You can use your @getAlby lightning wallet for the value tag in a 2.0 RSS feed!

Listen to the full episode in your favorite 2.0 app like @podverse

If anyone wants to see the code for the Podverse embed player, here's the PR:

It's written with JavaScript / TypeScript / React / Next.js.

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NEW: Embed a Podverse player on your website! 🥳

Share a single episode, or a list of all episodes.

Also: change the styles of your player with a customization script.


HLS video livestreams seem to work in iOS and web...but not Android. When I log the error from react-native-video it says:

{"error": {"extra": -1007, "what": 1}


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Hey 👋 I should mention @mitch from @podverse joined me during this week's Office Hours. I figured I'd post our chat as its own video:

Also, I submitted v4.5.5 to F-Droid, but it usually takes a few days before new versions appear on the F-Droid Store.

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Video livestreams are now supported in Podverse! 🥳

Download v4.5.5 for iOS and Android for video livestream playback.

They also work on the website *except* for iOS Safari. I'll look into that bug this weekend.

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