Follow - now with the option to like/dislike every random podcast episode!

-- improve grafix √
-- remove overlay with enter key √
-- skip to next podcast with enter key √
-- add rate buttons and build rating system √
-- tiny bugfix for language filter √

Thank you guys for the support, feedback and inspiration! @siebe @martin @dave @adam and the rest of the awesome podcastindex crew


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@ralfy @siebe @martin @adam I'm interested in the rating system. Will you be able to share the scores back to us?

@dave @siebe @martin @adam of course! there is nothing that would give me more pleasure. the format consists of 2 big integers per podcast episode:

votecount = total votes
score = positive votes

so the percentage is score / votecount * 100

let me know how you want me to inject it back into the podcastindex, and i will implement!

@ralfy @dave @martin @adam
Your app looks great on mobile, man. And it is my new favourite tool to annoy my gf.

"What the hell are you listening to?"
"I really have no Idea" *click next*

Plus a small feature request: I'd like to know how old the episode is I'm listening to.
And a question about that: is the date completely random or do you pick recent episodes?

@siebe @dave @martin @adam depends on dave's solution, i think there are mostly recent.

Thank you for the feature request. I was already thinking about adding that so I will put it on the list!

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