Dear Producers and friends,

Here is the new Cast Coverage player for you to enjoy!

Always a work in progress, but it seems to be stable enough to share with all you good folks, and your wives, husbands, kids, uncles, distant relatives and hidden lovers!

With love!

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@ralfy Love it! Looks like something that could have been linked from k10k back in the day

One suggestion would be to hide the standard player control and create a custom player, the current rounded-corner vector icon standard control doesn't really go with everything else. Since the site already requires javascript to function, no need to use the default audio control - I'm sure you could whip up something more futuristic

Nice work!

@js true that! thank you for the suggestion. i wanted to do this, but i also want to keep it as compatible as possible. the thing now magically plays video and audio without any specific code/config :D

will have to look into how to customize this mixed player, but i defenitely will !!! thanks again for the great tip, keep em coming :)

@js i'm thinking of an optional auto-hide option (for the controls overlay), but its also possible to just resize the window

@ralfy a digital VU meter would look great in this design

@js is that even possible with the html video player + js ?

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