if one were to want to implement the live tag, where would one find the information?

is there also a way to get the "upcoming live shows"?

is there also some fake-live podcast which goes live every half an hour for 15 minutes so you can test your app against that?

@dave castcoverage should support live!

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@dave @ralfy I’ve been working on live support this weekend :) I’m using the Podcasting 2.0 RSS feed locally, and modifying the liveItem tags for testing.

Handling live notifications will require listening to Podping updates. Not thoroughly tested yet, but here is our live listener which uses @js’s Podping websocket

For testing with a production feed, akaik only Sovereign Feeds supports it so far. It doesn’t automatically send Podping updates yet fyi @StevenB

@mitch @ralfy

The way I'm handling it, is when someone clicks on the podcast, I fetch the feed and use fast-xml-parser to convert it so a JSON object. From there, I look at each episode to see if it has the <liveItem> tag. If it does, then I check the status attribute. If the status is 'live', then I display it as a Live Show. If the status is 'pending', I add it to a list of upcoming episodes. If it's 'ended', I just ignore it.

@mitch @ralfy

I have a test feed I set up you can use if you want.

It has an episode with a live item status of 'live' and another one with a status of 'pending' I was using for testing.

Here's how I'm showing if an episode is live.

And here's how I'm showing scheduled shows

If you click on the button that says Scheduled Programs, it should bring up a list of upcoming shows.

@mitch @ralfy

Bowl After Bowl's feed always has pending liveItems too, so I used that a bit with testing and development.

@ralfy A fake auto-recurring live program sounds like a cool idea. I like it.

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