would love to try sphinx. anyone has a code? 🤪

@ralfy Its not worth it. Sphinx hasn't been worth using for a long time. Zion is a fork of Sphinx that might be worth checking out if you really want to.

@ChadF @ralfy my Sphinx account got hosed and I spent many days trying to work with support. they 'fixed it' and it got hosed again. after a few days of trying to get support again, i abandoned it. just my $0.02

@Drebscott @ralfy I had a similar experience. They were very helpful in the early days but I was having issues with it and stopped using it for Breeze when they added streaming payments.

@ChadF @Drebscott @ralfy in my experience sphinx works best if you run sphinx-relay from your own node

If you get in thru someone's invite code you will be using sphinx on one of their lite nodes, which have given me trouble in the past, although I haven't tried their lite node in at least a year so it may have improved since then

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