@adam 🤣

"when your girlfriend tries to make you eat vegan style, and throws away the BBQ"

@adam @dave

implementation successful, with image height 33px 😎

either i am tipsy OR i am tipsy andi discovered a really chilled podcast with some truely good vibing songs!

You tell me!


Shake that asssss

Yay! Finally another CastCoverage.com update:

- graphics tweaks
- chapter support
- transcription support


Please report any bugs you find and I will address them shortly!

[ headsup @dave @adam ]

Google can't kill it, Spotify can't buy it. Podcasting is the Bitcoin of media #protocolsNotPlatforms l.curry.com/fnW

@adam thanks for adding the search to the mp3s folder! it makes life way easier!

@martin @adam skip to 2:30 for example, you should see Gavin's joker face

Beta version of chapter image support now live on ... euhhh.. what was that name again @adam? :D


Will implement more of the sparkly new features soon! Great work everybody!!!!

@theDanielJLewis @dave @adam

whow so to download them all, could be about 250k * average 50mb = 12.5 terabytes

yikers that is more than my server can handle i think


- some usage stats at the bottom

Future thoughts:

- report bogative feeds back to podcastindex
- send ratings back to podcastindex
- send duration of podcasts back to the podcastindex
- implement subscribe buttons for different apps / or use a standard way to link to an episode for easy add-this-episode-to-your-podcast-app functionality

Thank you all for your feedback and great work. Keepin' the vibe alive!

@theDanielJLewis @dave @adam
how many episodes are released every day that dont have duration?

Perhaps I can start by trying to just process these

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