if one were to want to implement the live tag, where would one find the information?

is there also a way to get the "upcoming live shows"?

is there also some fake-live podcast which goes live every half an hour for 15 minutes so you can test your app against that?

@dave castcoverage should support live!

castcoverage.com/xplayer update: new ingenious code implemented to make sure windows dont overlap when they spawn. click the reset button the main panel if you have some old overlapping windows :D

“Stay Awhile” is a value-for-value rock album that is published digitally using the Podcasting 2.0 value infrastructure. l.curry.com/fy3

@dave yeah baby
server stable again!! castcoverage sub-domains (based on podcasting 2.0 titles) activated and more bug-free than ever!!

example: no-agenda.castcoverage.com (and beforementioned podcasts)

btw, the fix for ubuntu grub breaking the server, for anyone who might need it at anytime: stackallflow.com/ubuntu/kernel

@dave got all the chapters/transcriptions in good now -- but (seperate issue) when i try to apt-get upgrade, the server boots into a kernel panic 🤨

tryin to sort that out now..

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 80: "Wheels Up!" -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org with more PodSage Philosophy! l.curry.com/fxR

@js is that even possible with the html video player + js ?

@js i'm thinking of an optional auto-hide option (for the controls overlay), but its also possible to just resize the window

@jamescridland "YouTube is to feature audio ads: both sold by Google but also by partners too, if they’re large enough. YouTube’s standard practice has been to share revenue with publishers, so we might expect, perhaps, revenue to be shared for podcast publishers as well." lol they will never get it 🥱

ps. please send me some feedback if it turns out to be hackable 😜

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Today's castcoverage.com update: the uNhAcKabLe feedback panel, where you can send your feedback directly from within the player :)

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