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Another glorious update has been applied to the random podcast player!

-- add startup overlay, to force click "Tap to start" √
---- then autoplay √
-- make podcast title better clickable √
-- remove protips √
-- make second call to retrieve RSS feed link of the feed itself √
--- enable rss button √
-- also grab categories if they are not there √
-- add colourz √
-- no javascript, no dice message √

Enjoy the update & notify me of any problems! Thanks @adam @dave @martin

@dave @adam I noticed that the "Business and Investing" podcast came up in the castcoverage a disproportionate amount of times. So I clicked to go to their page, and it seems like they list the same episode a gazillion times on

This might cause the podcast to be inside the podcastindex a LOT of times as well. Might be worth checking.

Keep up the great work <3

now with..

- language filter
- other small improvements i forgot about


@ralfy @adam @dave
Some of the podcasts I'm stumbling on with feel like I just poked my head into an awkward and intimate conversation between two people. 😂

Please reply to this message with your app or service so I can compile a list for web sight and social promotion.

@adam @dave category filter works nicely.. made some more small improvements to the random podcast player.

next up: probably the language filter

thanks for all your feedback and streamlining the feedback so far gentlemen. it is much appreciated!, the best podcast index of the universe!! update

-- finish off new layout √
-- implement new layout √
-- implement little status thing that shows what is happening √
-- show the loading screen / remove the loading screen √
-- breadcrumb trail √
-- ability to jump back to a crumb √
-- hide un-implemented buttons √
-- make logo transparent for loading screen √

@adam @dave


- report bogative
- language filter
- show feed RSS for subscribing
- category filter
- subscribe for apps
- randomfeeds


@adam @dave

- breadcrumb trail
- ability to jump back to a crumb
- intelligent category filter
- language filter
- report problematic feeds back to podcastindex
- implement subscribe for differnet apps using podcastindex provided links
- provide a podcast rss feed with a random podcast in it every day (and make sure this feed cannot be picked up by podcast index!)

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@adam @dave saturday afternoon update from the kitchen:

here's the masterplan. i would love to thank everybody for their feedback so far !!!!

- create new layout ( IN PROGRESS)
- implement new layout
- show RSS of the podcast (for subscribing)
- needs another API call to get the full RSS feed source link

... continued in comment...

Looking for something like this in pure javascript or jQuery:

hmu if you know a library please :)

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