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either i am tipsy OR i am tipsy andi discovered a really chilled podcast with some truely good vibing songs!

You tell me!

Shake that asssss

Yay! Finally another update:

- graphics tweaks
- chapter support
- transcription support

Please report any bugs you find and I will address them shortly!

[ headsup @dave @adam ]

Google can't kill it, Spotify can't buy it. Podcasting is the Bitcoin of media #protocolsNotPlatforms

@adam thanks for adding the search to the mp3s folder! it makes life way easier!

Beta version of chapter image support now live on ... euhhh.. what was that name again @adam? :D

Will implement more of the sparkly new features soon! Great work everybody!!!!

- some usage stats at the bottom

Future thoughts:

- report bogative feeds back to podcastindex
- send ratings back to podcastindex
- send duration of podcasts back to the podcastindex
- implement subscribe buttons for different apps / or use a standard way to link to an episode for easy add-this-episode-to-your-podcast-app functionality

Thank you all for your feedback and great work. Keepin' the vibe alive!

@dave @adam

If a service which downloads all (new?) podcasts and checks their content length (if duration is unknown), and pumps it back into the index, so it can be used for duration is useful, I can create it and just have it run until eternity on my server.

I’m looking for a podcast specific rss app for win10 that allows me to import my current feeds and is flexible enough to allow for extra elements. I want to implement all the new tags across PC20, NA and MF. It will be fun to implement this at some scale

Sorry Michigan Local 1, this is no longer available to you. Just renewed my plate and did a custom one 😀 @adam @Johncdvorak

This instance and noagendasocial really show the power of federation. - now with the option to like/dislike every random podcast episode!

-- improve grafix √
-- remove overlay with enter key √
-- skip to next podcast with enter key √
-- add rate buttons and build rating system √
-- tiny bugfix for language filter √

Thank you guys for the support, feedback and inspiration! @siebe @martin @dave @adam and the rest of the awesome podcastindex crew


Small Sunday update for ..

-- improve loading screens √
-- remove hover effects √
-- improve autoplay intelligence √

Nothing special, but please do not hesitate to let me know if you experience any problems.

Have a great day everybody & don't forget to tune in to for your delightful dose of creamy courage in the morning!

Love from Amsterdam!

Another glorious update has been applied to the random podcast player!

-- add startup overlay, to force click "Tap to start" √
---- then autoplay √
-- make podcast title better clickable √
-- remove protips √
-- make second call to retrieve RSS feed link of the feed itself √
--- enable rss button √
-- also grab categories if they are not there √
-- add colourz √
-- no javascript, no dice message √

Enjoy the update & notify me of any problems! Thanks @adam @dave @martin

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